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Buy Gold Coin Online – Signs to Check Purity of Gold

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Looking for Investing in Gold via Gold Coin? Gold is one of the best and evergreen investment options in india. Because of high rate and high demand, Gold rates in india never came down, and the reason many people still prefer Gold as best option. But investing in Gold coin is much better than gold jewellery. With great returns comes with great risk. It is also necessary to buy pure gold with gold coins, here is we are listing options to buy gold coins and signs to check purity of gold.

How to Buy Gold Coins Online?

Buy Gold Coins Online
To buy gold coins online, unlike earlier, now it is easy process. All you need is you pan card while buying the gold coins. Here we are providing you powerful source where you can find the best gold coin at reasonable rates.

Buy Gold Coins from SBI India

State bank of india has special dedicated page where you buy new gold coins at reasonable rate. Gold coins are available in 2 Gram, 4 Gram, 5 Gram, 8 Gram, 10 Gram, 20 grams and 50 gram price. On this portal, you get the latest price of gold coins. You need to book gold coin online and need to collect it from SBI Branch.
  • Just visit the official website of SBI portal and head to gold coin rates
  • Or just follow this website link where you can find the gold coin rates
  • On the 2nd tab, you can get last 7 days gold coin rates too
Please note that these rates are Excluding VAT, Any other local taxes as applicable.

Other ways to buy Gold Online

Big eCommerce websites like, or snapdeal also selling gold coins online. You can check the gold coin rates on the respected websites. Other than these portals, you can also buy gold coins from the big jewellery websites like TBZ or any other.

Local Retail or wholesale Market

If you don’t get satisfied product from above 2 options, you can buy gold coins from the local market in retail or wholesale, where you can get the gold at reasonable price and low cost. But the only issue with local market is purity of gold. So, to check the purity of gold, you need to check the below mentioned signs to check purity of gold, before buying the gold coins or gold from local market.

How to Check the Purity of Gold?

“All that glitters may not be gold, make sure it’s pure gold.” This is tagline from Jago Grahak Jago to spread awareness for purity of gold. Below are important signs which you can check before buying gold offline market;

- Check for Hallmarks: - Like we have ISI hallmark on the big products which need to be passed from quality test, Gold Jewellery or gold coins need to pass the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) . Please note that these hall marks are not hallmarked by Jewellers himself. BIS is independent body that check purity of gold before you buy it.

- Grades of Purity gold :- 23 carat, 22 carat are purity mark for jewellery, do check the detail list of purity grade

  • 958 -  23 carat
  • 916 – 22 carat
  • 875 – 21 carat
  • 750 – 18 carat
  • 708 – 17 carat
  • 585 – 14 carat
  • 375 – 9 carat
- Year of Making: - You can also check for making year of gold where you can show something like A for 2000, N for 2011 year wise.

- Jeweler Identification Mark
: - Many big brand jewelers like TBZ have their own mark, which they put it on each jewellery. Do check for it.

If you want register complaint against any jewelers for selling fake hallmarked jewelries, you visit this page and find the city wise hallmark complaint authority with which you can raise your complaint.

These are the safety check marks of checking purity of gold and how to buy Gold Coins online. If you don’t find any of these and still want to invest in Gold, go for Gold ETF option, its safe and best.

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana [Guide]

By No comments: - Guide for How to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. You must have heard about the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) which is new government program to train unskilled youth for special task. Under Skill India program, government of india has launched the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana where around 10 crore youth will be trained and Rs.1500cr for this project. Below is eligibility criteria, how to apply and other information related to Kushal Vikas Yojana.

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana [Guide]

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
Under the leadership of Prime Minister of India Ministry of Skill Development and entrepreneurship has started Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Below is more detail about this project;

Eligibility criteria to apply in Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Candidates who wished to apply for Kaushal Vikas Yojana must have eligible for below mentioned criteria;
  • The candidate must have Indian citizenship
  • He/she must have enrolled in Skill development program of GOI
  • He/she must have to attend the training centre to get skilled

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana?

Candidates who wish to join Kaushal Vikas Yojana must follow below mentioned steps to apply online;
  • Candidate need to visit the official website of the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  • Go to or follow this direct link
  • Upon visiting the site, you need to visit the training centre list of Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  • Select the nearest training centre from your place and download the application form
  • Also, you can apply from offline via visiting the official address of training centre
  • If you need any help or have query, you can call on +91-8800055555 which is special mobile number dedicated to help candidates for their requests on skill india

After Applying Process under Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Right now government of india is finalizing the skill india training centre, after choosing the training centres from each district, government of india will put of the list on the official website. But here is the process you need to follow after applying for Kaushal Vikas Yojana;
  • Government of india has choose a training partner who will provide you training
  • After enrolling in the training center, candidates will be issued schedule to join the training center
  • Upon joining candidates need to produce listed documents
  • After completion of the program, certificate will be provided by the training center
  • Certification process will be followed as per the guidelines of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

Total Funds Allocated for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

As per the official notification, Government of india has given Rs.1500cr for PMKVY Flagship program.
  • Rs.220 cr will be allocated for the trainees who will join the program for proper learning
  • Rs.67cr will be spent on awareness spreading of the program
  • Another Rs. 67 cr will be spent on the mentor ship for the trainees to get employed.

Kaushal Vikas Yojana Training Centre List

Here is the official link to find the list of Training Centre of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana;
  • Candidates need to visit the official link of Kaushal Vikas Yojana at
  • Choose the category you want the training for
  • Choose the nearest training centre for you
  • Get enrolled in and start training

Contact Details of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

In case, if you have any query or question, you can contact the officials of Kaushal Vikas Yojana via using below mentioned ways;
These are enough ways to contact them. Most of the answers are answered on call only. For more updates on the government programs, keep visiting

Monday, July 18, 2016

7 Types of Income Tax Notice [How to Answer Income Tax Noice]

By No comments: - Here are most common types of Income Tax Notice you may receive and ways to answer them. Most of person start panicking as they receive Income Tax Notice. So, here we  are guiding you what type of income tax notice you may receive, purpose of income tax notice and how to answer notice of income tax department.

7 Types of Income Tax Notice [How to Answer Income Tax Noice]

Income Tax Notice
First of all, don't panic at all, none of the notice for IT department are made to harass you. It might happen that you forgot to file your ITR form, or to submit TDS form or of any other reason. Its just a notice, don't worry, here we are guiding you how to deal with such notices. There are 7 most common IT section which under which IT department sent notice to you. Take a look one by one and learn about them;

1. Section 131 (1A)

IT notice with Section 131 (1A) has been sent to person from IT dept after Assessing Officer (AO) suspects any concealing of income. If AO officer thinks that you have black money (secret money) or you about hide any income, they may sent you section 131 (1A) notice to you and they may start investigation in this matter.

There is no time limit to answer this notice. Anyways, if IT department found any black money in your account, they may proceed with investigation, Anyhow.

2. Section 142 (1)

You may receive section 142 (1) notice if you haven't submitted your income tax return form within time limit. If your Assessing officer found that you are late in submitting ITR form, or you have not submitted any important documents, or you have not submitted due account statement for your income, you may receive section 142 (1) income tax notice.

You may receive this notice after assessment year end, your time limit to reply will be mentioned in notice. In fact, its not notice, its just a information letter about missing things in your ITR. Don't panic, answer it easily.

3. Section 143 (1)

If you have paid right amount of tax, or if you have paid more tax than income or if you have paid less amount of tax, you may receive Section 143 (1) IT notice from Assessing Officer (AO). Below is what to do and how to reply for any of such notice;

- Informing :- If you have paid right amount of tax and your amount matches with AO's calculation, you may receive intimation notice.

- Demand :- In case you have paid less amount tax than AO's calculation, you may get demand notice to pay more tax or you can explain about your tax calculation. If AO satisfy with your answer, you may not be assessed.

- Refund :- You can get income tax refund if you have paid more tax than actual income.

You need to answer with in one year of the time you receive section 143 (1) IT notice.

4. Section 143 (2)

This is just follow up notice of section 142 (1) notice. if your Assessing Officer (AO) is not satisfied your section 142 (1) notice reply, he/she may sought more documents via section 143 (2) notice. you need to answer this notice with in 6 months of start of financial year.

5. Section 148

If your Assessing Officer (AO) founds that you have escaped some amount of income which is not reflecting in your ITR form. AO may demand more information on this. If your income tax amount is less than 1 lac, you have time to answer them in 4 years while if your income tax is more than 1 lac, you need to answer section 148 in 6 months of time.

6. Section 156

Its a demand notice to pay penalty or fine for late payment of income tax. Tax payer has paid less or late payment are served notice under section 156. Most of the tax payer who comes under this notice may receive notice with in 30 days.

7. Section 245

In case you demand tax refund from income tax department for current assessment year and there is some amount due in your account for previous assessment year and Assessing Officer (AO) just adjust the amounts of two assessment year. You may get adjustment of income tax via section 245 notice. you don't need to reply to this notice, in case you found you have no due left and IT dept wrongly adjusted amount, you can contact IT dept anytime soon.

Update :- Income Tax Department has sent 7 Lakh IT notice to recover money from Black money holder and tax defaulters. [Source]

These are the most common notice tax payers receive, and we have explained their purpose and how to answer them. if you have any more question, you can ask us in below comment box. Thank you.

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[How To] Recover your ICICI Direct Login ID Password

By No comments: - Guide to recover your ICICI Direct Login ID Password. If you are ICICI Bank customer and using net banking via their net banking portal, you must have feel that recovery of forgot password is quite tough in ICICI Bank. Especially for the new customers who join ICICI bank are always had complained about the how to get ICICI Direct Login ID Password. Here is complete guide to check out how to get lost password and set password for ICICI Direct Login.

[How To] Recover your ICICI Direct Login ID Password

Recovery of old password or generating new password in ICICI is not easy, if you are new and using it for the first time, you defiantly need this guide. Before we proceed to the recovery of new password things you needed while recovering new password is your PAN Card, Date birth, User ID, Email id and registered mobile number. Without these things, you cannot generate new password. So, to get the new password, just follow this guide and you will get your password.

Step 1:- Visit the official website of ICICI net banking, which is or just click on this link to follow it. 

Step 2 :- Visit the “customer service page” in ICICIDirectLogin page, And click on “Password Re-generation” link.

customer service page

Step 3: - At this link of ICICI Direct page, website will ask you to fill your User ID or Form No (you can enter whichever you have), Your Bank account number (for which you are regenerating password), Date of birth and your PAN card Number. 

Step 4: - After filling this much details, click on the 3 of 1 option, you will get 3 option, to unlock your account, issue new password and online password. Choose the one for which you are regenerating password.

Step 5:- After filling this form and selecting the option, ICICI Bank will send you a Unique reference number on your email id (The PDF will ask you to enter password, enter your USER ID as your password).

Step 6 :- After you enter the reference number on ICICI Direct portal, you will be again getting a URN (Unique reference number) on your mail and mobile number. Using this (2nd time unique number), you will be able to generate new password. Remember, your URN number and Grid number should match, then only you will be able to generate new password.

Step 7:- After finishing this step, you will get the new password on your mail id as well as on your mobile phone too.

Step 8 :- You can again visit homepage of and enter your login id and password (along with your date of birth or pan number) to use ICICI net banking online.

Login page of ICICIDirect

This is the easiest way to generate new password for your ICICIDirect Login. IF you have any query or question you can contact ICIC at or you can call icici bank toll free number too.

Strong Password Making Tips

- Do not share your password with anyone. In the world of online and digital stuff, now thieves are also smart, uses online way of fraud.

- Always remember your password, don’t write your password with anyone. Many people has habit to write password in phonebook or at passbook, don’t do that.

- Always make strong password, use number and signs combination. Don’t use your birth date, mobile number, vehicle number, passport number as your password.

- Always check your banking transaction SMS, if you find any unauthorized activity, contact ICIC Bank toll free number immediately.

These are the steps and guide to recover your ICICI Direct Login id and password and with some strong password tips. If you have any question or query, feel free to comment below. Thank you.

[Review] ICICI Pru iProtect Smart - Online Term Insurance Plan

By No comments: - ICICI has just announced new Online Term Insurance Plan "iProtect Smart". It is one of the comprehensive Best Online Term Insurance Plan which has covered Maximum Term (40 years), female organ cancers, Single, Yearly, Half-Yearly, or Monthly of Premium payment, Tax Benefit and accidental death benefit with critical illness covered.

[Review] ICICI Pru iProtect Smart - Online Term Insurance Plan

iProtect Smart also provides facility of special premium rates for women,non-tobacco customer. You can get Sum Assured in case of Accidental death.

Eligibility Criteria :- Minimum age18-65 year for entry and minimum age for maturity is 23-75 years.

There are 3 benefit options Life, Life plus, Life and Health and All in one. which provide different options for entry and maturity age benefit. On below image, Basunivesh has perfectly explained the benefit options of iProtect Smart. Take a look at the image, it will help you to understand the benefit option.
benefit options
This are 3 benefit options and all 3 benefit option have different death benefit payout options. Check out benefit option wise death benefit payout options. In below example, assume Person's age 30 years, term 30 years, sum assured Rs.1cr, accidental rider- Rs.1cr, critical illness rider Rs.10 lakh.
death benefit payout options

you get Income benefit of 10%. 10 income to be paid for 10 years to nominee.And the amount will be increased for every year by 10% of simple interest. It means if you buy Term insurance plan of Rs.1.5 crore, you need to pay 17 thousand of yearly premium. In case of your death, your family will receive Rs.1,25,000 for 10 years.

In another case if you have bought 1cr of iProtect Smart insurance, you need to pay Rs.15k of annual premium, in case you are diagnosed with critical illness, and you need some money, you will get you money and your term insurance will continue. Upon your death, your nominee will get sum assured minus money given for critical illness. 

So do you life  ICICI Pru iProtect Smart insurance plan? Well, before buying this plan, take a look at the comparison of all other available online term insurance plans. On below table you can find detail comparison of features and benefits of online term insurance plans;
best onlien term insurance plan

This table is made by Sanyam Jain from, In which you can find comparison of  ICICI Pru iProtect Smart with HDFC life click 2 protect plus, LIC e-Term Plan, Max Life Online Term Plan, and Kotak life preferred e-term.

Hope now its clear for you that which online term insurance plan is good for you. You can ask us any comment you have.

Official brochure of ICICI Pru iProtect Smart.

Friday, July 15, 2016

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance IPO - $764 million IPO of ICICI Pru Life

By No comments: - ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd is all set to file their biggest public IPO. Under the cover of ICICI Bank LTD, india’s one of the known insurance company ICIC Pru Life is going for public IPO. 

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance IPO - $764 million IPO of ICICI Pru Life

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance IPO
And the Public IPO is not so small, its Rs.50 Billion ($764 million). Around after one month of this, ICICI will come up with Public IPO notification where they are going to ask for Rs.500cr.

Financial Condition of ICICI Pru Life

ICICI Bank (on the name on which) this insurance company started functioning in the year 2001 is one of the leading name in Indian banking sector as well as in insurance sector too. At the time writing this, ICICI Prudential life insurance has Assets worth rs.1039.39 Billion ( and going for another 50 billion IPO). As per the Wikipedia, total worth of ICICI Prudential is around Rs.1,00,000cr only. And in the financial year 2016, ICICI Pru Life has generated Rs.191.64 Billion of Premium. 

ICICI Prudential life insurance company limited is not solely owned by ICICI Bank, its a joint venture.  ICICI Bank owns 68% of ICICI Pru life insurance and Britain's Prudential PLC owns 26%. Remaining 2% is owned by Singapore state investor Temasek and well known investor Aziz Premji’s Premji invest.

As per the information from sources, it is ICICI Bank which is going to sell their stack via public IPO. None from ICICI Bank and ICICI Pru Life has made any official comment, but most probably in August, 2016 the IPO will be lunched.

Management of ICICI Pru Life

As per the current listings, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited is managed by Mr. Sandeep Bakshi and he is at CEO role as well. Puneet nanda is CMO and Sandeep Batra as Executive Director.

Products of ICICI Pru Life

As per the current listings, ICICI Pru Life offers various policies like iProtect Online Term Plan, Wealth Plans, Traditional Saving Plans, Retirement Plans, Group Plan and Rural Plan.

The Reason to pursue IPO is not yet known. We will update the detail review of IPO, once the official announcement is made, till keep visiting the

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Income Tax Declaration Scheme 2016 - Disclose Black Money

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In order to bring into effective use all black money the government has provided a scheme for the erring taxpayers. The assessee is given an opportunity to pay 45% tax on his/her undisclosed income via a new Income Declaration Scheme.

Income Tax Declaration Scheme 2016 - Disclose Black Money

The income declared by eligible persons will be, under the scheme, taxed at 30% in addition to a 'Krishi Kalyan Cess' of 25% on the taxes that is payable along with a penalty rate of 25% of the taxes payable. The total tax payable under this scheme works out to 45% of the income declared.

Timelines to declare Black Money

- The Scheme will start from 1 June 2016 and will be continuing up to 30 September 2016 for the declaration to be made.

- The tax that is applicable including cess and penalty has to be paid on or prior to 30 November 2016.

Features of the new scheme

Below are the attributes of the Income Tax Declaration Scheme:
- The scheme applies to unrevealed income whether it is in the form of asset investment or something else, relating to Financial Year 2015-16 or prior.

- Where the declaration is in the form of asset investment, the Fair Market Value of such resource as on first June 2016 might be esteemed to be the unrevealed income under the Scheme. Be that as it may, outside resources or income to which the Black Money Act 2015 applies are not qualified for assertion under this scheme.

- Assets indicated in the revelation will be exempt from Wealth tax.

- No Scrutiny or even enquiry under the Income-tax Act or the Wealth tax Act should be attempted with regard to such declarations.

- Immunity from indictment under the Income-tax Act and Wealth Tax Act is additionally given along with immunity from the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 dependent on exchange of resource to real owner within such periods as indicated in the Rules.

- Non-payment of aggregate taxes, extra charges and penalty in time or affirmation by distortion or concealment of certainties will render the declaration void.

- The situations in which the Scheme is not applicable or where a man is held to be not entitled are indicated in section 196 (Chapter IX) of the Finance Act, 2016.

- Non declaration of unrevealed income under the Scheme will make such secret income accountable to tax in the earlier year in which it is discovered by the Income tax Department. Other corrective outcomes will likewise follow as needs be.

The carry aways of Income Tax Declaration Scheme

The Scheme without a doubt gives a onetime chance to declarants to tell the truth by paying 45% as tax, to the administration. Any concealment of certainties and/or data may bring about the declaration being considered as void. In that occasion, despite the fact that the declarant may not be subjected to any corrective outcomes under the Scheme, the data submitted might be utilized by the revenue authorities for evaluation/re-appraisal of income under the current procurements of the Act or/and Wealth-tax Act.
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