Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds For 2021

Mutual Funds SIP was quite popular in last one year and it is going to be even more popular as people find it safe to invest in Mutual funds SIP and also getting more return in SIP than Bank Fixed Deposit.

Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds For 2021 – Small Investment Option

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) investment is boosted in last 12 months as SEBI has promoted well the SIP as new saving style and minimize the risk factor in investing in share market via Mutual Funds. Also SIP has given the facility of investing in EMIs to Mutual funds which helped many people to invest more and more. To understand SIP Mutual funds, you can check the video attached at the end of this post.

We also suggested Top SIP Mutual Funds in past, now for 2021, we are already Up and listing the best SIP Mutual funds to invest in 2021, so you can start financial planning in advance.

Best SIP Mutual Funds For 2016

These are the Best SIP Mutual Funds Plan to invest in 2021. The main advantage of investing in Mutual funds via SIP is Consistency and discipline. You can consistently invest in one scheme with discipline manner, on per month basis. So, how we choose best SIP plans?

The first point to consider is the Total asset size of mutual funds. We considered Rs.500cr asset size as benchmark, each mutual funds must have atlest Rs.500cr of assets.

The 2nd point considered while choosing SIP is the launch period.  The SIP or mutual funds which are older than 5 years are best to invest, Atlest 5 years is must.

The 3rd point is Which fund house the mutual fund is belongs too.HDFC, Reliance, SBI, Birla Sun Life, ICICI, Frankiln are best among all. These are the points we considered while choosing the best SIP Mutual funds to invest in 2021.

These are not only my recommendation, it’s our portfolio too, in these SIP’s i am going to invest in for next one year. Also, i am going to invest in Stock market too, here is my choice for stock market, Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy in 2021.
Keep looking for more investment option and build your wealth faster 🙂

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