How to File RTI (Right to Information) ? – – Do you know how to file RTI (Right to Information)? No? Don’t worry! I have researched well on this and included the steps to file RTI here in this post. Please read the below information carefully.

How to File RTI (Right to Information)?

Here are the steps for “How to file RTI (Right to Information)”:-
  • Step 1:- First of all recognize the department you want information from. Moreover, some of the subjects fall under the purview of state government or local authority like panchayat or municipal administration. Others are being handled by the central government.
  • Step 2:- You will need one white paper sheet and start writing the application by hand or you can even type on it. There are language options to write RTI application. You can write application in English, Hindi, and the official language of your area.
  • Step 3:- Now, after completion of writing application you need to address it to the state/central public information officer. Write the name of office from which you looking for information and complete the address. Check for any errors in address. You will have to mention “Looking for information under the RTI act, 2005” in the subject line.
  • Step 4:- Write your request in the form of particular, detailed questions and describe the period/year you are requesting for. Ask for documents or abstracts of documents if needed. You need to pay 2 Rs. per page for documents.
  • Step 5:- You need to pay 10 Rs. to file the plea.You can do so with the help of the options like cash, money order, bank draft, or a court fee stamp. Keep in mind that stamp must be affixed to the application. Applicants below the poverty line (BPL) don’t have to pay but must attach copy of the BPL certificate with application.
  • Step 6:- Write your full name and address, email address, contact details, and sign the application correctly. Write date and name of your town.
  • Step 7:- Photocopy of the application is advisable to all applicants for future reference.You can send the application by post or hand it in personally to the department.
  • Step 8:- The law states that information is provided with the time period of 30 days.If it does not happen you have the option to file an appeal.Appeal should be addressed to “the appellate authority” with name of the department and address.If the appellate authority fails to reply in 30 days then further appeals will go with the information commission, the chief information commissioner, state/central information commission.
The RTI Portal, had new design and which is quite user friendly. Now you can get all the information about RTI, how to file, what documents you need to attach and all other information from that portal only.

So, now you can submit RTI and get all the information you needed just in 30 days and government officials have to answer your query (compulsory).
These are the official steps to “How to file RTI (Right to Information)”. You can leave comments below if you have any doubts or queries regarding how to file RTI.


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