Top 10 Best Business Ideas In Bangalore 2021

Business Ideas In Bangalore

Are you looking for own business ideas in Bangalore? Then you have come to the right place. In this article you are going to get all the information about trending business ideas, side business ideas in Bangalore and even best profitable business ideas in Bangalore.

Top 10 Business Ideas In Bangalore or Bengaluru 2021

Business Ideas In Bangalore

Bangalore is regarded as the Silicon Valley of India due to its large number of IT companies. Also, the number of literacy rate is high in Bangalore. Forbes also considers Bangalore as one of “The Next Decades Fastest-Growing Cities.” So it’s beneficial to start a business in Bangalore.

#1 Home Cooked Food

There is a large population of working class in Bangalore especially in IT sectors. So it becomes difficult for them to make freshly cooked food every day. And everyone desires for a freshly cooked homemade meal, especially during lunch time. Also, people prefer homemade meal over canteen food and frozen food. You can also deliver the meals at their homes or at their work place, which would be beneficial for your business. But you should have the capacity to cook large quantities of meal and, you would also need to invest on cooking hardware, containers and tiffin’s.

#2 Grocery Store With Delivery Service

Now a days, people prefer purchasing everything online even grocery, as anything that saves time and energy is high in demand. You will require to rent a small space at a convenient location, as you will need to keep the store open for long hours and, preferably in a market area for more customers. To run the grocery store successfully you need to maintain inventory, understand your customers need and evolve with the changes in customer tastes. 

#3 Real Estate Brokerage

There are some business ideas in Bangalore without investment and real estate brokerage is one of them. To start this business a person needs to be bold and have solid relational abilities. There are always people who want to change residents, leave the city and business owners searching for commercial spaces who are in need of real estate consultants and brokerage services. 

#4 Day Care Services

In today’s world almost everyone works, be it male or female. So they are constantly in need for someone to look after their child. Day care service is a business that is flourishing day by day. To run this business you need to invest in books, toys and play area. Also if you have a small space to run a day care or don’t have enough money, you can take a loan from Small Business Administration (SBA). 

#5 Recruitment Service

There are so many ventures operating in Bangalore, therefore the need for recruiting services is significantly high. Individuals are always in need for guide to prepare them for interviews. You can run the business by providing individuals with assessment tests, mock tests like practice interviews. You can also boost their confidence and help them with communication skills. Once the candidates get hired in the desired companies you can earn commission from them.

#6 Co-Working Space

Many startups in Bangalore prefer to work in coffee shops or small spaces instead of offices. Due to this opening a co-working space can be very profitable. Also it would require to invest in things like computers, printers, projectors, comfortable chairs, top quality wifi. Additionally, you can also sell coffee and some food which is not messy to eat, so the individuals can eat while working and you can also make some extra income out of it.

#7 T-Shirt Printing Business

Bangalore is a city of youth. Now a days, there is a trend going on of customized t-shirts so, this is a great business idea in Bangalore. In India, there are companies that have successfully captured the t-shirt market segment like The Souled Store and Bewakoof. There is also a company called Beyoung that sells t-shirts for youths in a low budget. You can also provide your customers t-shirts with the designs they wish to have. Preparing a customized t-shirt would cost around INR 90-100. It can also be beneficial if you tie up with E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra.

#8 Software Classes

As mentioned above, Bangalore is a hub of technology and software, there is a massive need amongst youths for learning different software. You have to make a profitable small business out of this desperation. You would need to invest in some computers, laptops, blackboard, chairs and desks. If you are looking for saving these investments you can begin from your home or do online teaching.

#9 Pharmacy Shop

The hub of pharma companies in India is in Bangalore. Even if you don’t have a degree in pharmacy you can hire someone who does. Business in pharmacy can never be a non-profit one, especially now a days due to covid. Moreover, you’d need a catchy brand name and an innovative marketing strategy. You can open your place near a hospital which would be more beneficial and, you can also provide a delivery service.

#10 Coffee Shop

A significant population of Bangalore consists of youths. Individuals are always looking for cafes or coffee shops to hang out with their friends or for business purposes. Plus, people in Bangalore are heavy coffee drinkers. You can also sell different variants of coffee. It would be profitable to open a coffee shop in a busy area with good ambiance and outdoor seating. Additionally, you can also set up a top quality wifi to attract more customers. It’s also vital to promote your business using social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s also beneficial if you collaborate with on-demand food delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato.

These were the top 10 Business ideas in Bangalore. Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the city that has numerous opportunities for business. There are also many other business ideas with low investment in Bangalore, apart from the ideas mentioned above. According to your budget and preferable location, you can start your business.

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