PM Narendra Modi Daily Routine – Daily Schedule [Pics]

Are you a fan or Supporter of Narendra Modi? Here is his daily routine, Daily Schedule of Narendra Modi, How many hours a day he works, What he eat and everything related to Narendra Modi. Here we have explained his daily routine in time frame, check out PM Narendra Modi Daily Routine in Pictures.

PM Narendra Modi Daily Routine – Daily Schedule [Pics]

4 AM :- He Wake Up at Early Morning.

He wake up at early morning 4 am and in whole day he dont get into bed till night. After waking up, he first done with daily course and then go for Suryanamaskar, Pranayam and Yoga, which helps him to be FIT and fine. He never forget to do Yoga in starting of the day. After that he likes to have tea with ginger ( Gujarati Special Tea). He Also take light Breakfast, boiled one and some roasted stuff.

8 AM :-  Breakfast

After breakfast most important thing Modi does is reading all positive and negatives news related to him in newspapers. ( He loves to read newspapers, mostly he read all the English and Gujarati News Papers ).

9 AM :- Office Time

Narendra Modi at office

Unlike, former prime ministers who love to work from home, Narendra Modi always work at His Office of South Block, 7 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. He always Reach at 9 AM sharp. He do meetings, checking reports at 7 LKM office only.He go by walk to office.

11.30 AM :- Lunch Time

Narendra Modi taking lunch

He Like to have Gujarati and some south indian foods like Khichdi-Kadhi, upma, Bakhri and khakra. NaMo has his own cook, Badri Meena, since Gujarat Time, Who travels with him in abroad too.

10 PM :- Dinner Time

He takes dinner at 10 while watching TV. He also watch TV Debates from some news channel. He works for 14 hrs a day in south block office. After dinner, he like to check emails and he reply to each one of them.

1 AM :- Go to Bed

After taking some calls (he mostly call from his side to all his dear and near one), he go to bed at 1 at night. He hardly take 3-4 hrs of sleep in night.

What he likes?

He likes to read a lot, though he don’t find regular time for reading at office. In childhood time, Narendra Modi was quite attracted to Shri Swami Vivekananda, and he has read all the books related to Swami Vivekananda. So, he do reading while he Fly. Since Time of RSS, he like to do exercise, reading and social work. He reads all Gujarati and English newspapers.

Vainkaiya Naidu once said that “Narendra Modi neither sleeps and don’t allow their minister to sleep”. 🙂

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