How Start Restaurant Business in India ? – List of Things Needed to Start Restaurant

Do you have a dream of opening your own restaurant? If you are planning to open a restaurant then you will need to know some basic things required to open a restaurant. we will help you with it. Here are step by step instructions to start a restaurant business in India.

How Start Restaurant Business in India ? – List of Things Needed to Start Restaurant

Restaurant Business India

Make Decision:-

First of all, you need to decide on what type of restaurant you want to open.  Choose whether it will be a fine dinning restaurant, a casual dinner restaurant, or you want to open a definite type of cuisine like Indian. Make a decision and then go towards step two. You have plenty of options! Decision is up to you!

Choose Location for Restaurant:-

Selecting a location for restaurant is very important. Choose the location which is crowded and where people usually look to have dinner or lunch with their families. Look for enough parking-space for your restaurant. You can also go for a location which is located in any shopping mall or near to any famous landmark.

Give it a Name:-

After deciding a restaurant type and location for your restaurant, give it a nice name which means impressive. You can choose a name as a reflection of your restaurant type or location.


Well, this is the thing where most of the people start thinking to open their own restaurant. It is hard to find finance for restaurant, however not impossible! You can go for bank loans or contact business investors for finance.

Apply for License:

The major and vital step is getting license for your restaurant. You will need many licenses and permits to be approved for your restaurant. Once you are clear about your finance, then start filling up your application forms for licenses that is required to open restaurant. Some licenses may take several weeks and months to get approved. Here is the list of licenses you will need:

1. Food Safety License
2. Health/Trade License
3. Eating House License
4. Environmental Clearance
5. NOC from Fire Department
6. Signage License
7. Liquor License L-4 (L-17 according to new excise rule)
8. Playing of Music in Restaurants
9. Life License
10. Insurance – Public Liability, Product Liability, Fire Policy, Building & Asset
11. Shop and Establishment Act (Register for this)
12. Nominations under PFA Act 1954 Section 17 (2) and rule 12 B of the rules 1955.

These are the licenses that you will need to be permitted to open a restaurant.

Choose Restaurant Menu:-

Now, it is time to choose a nice menu for your restaurant. It is fun! When you add food item in menu, be sure that you know the food cost of it so it will add profit to your business. It is essential to keep the food items in menu which are loved and eaten by most of the people. When your menu is attractive more people will come and you earn good money.

Interior of Restaurant:-

You can choose an interior design which matches to your food type of restaurant. Suppose, you are going to select gujarati food, then you can make a theme of it in interior. Moreover, you can also go for vintage theme or some stylish interior theme. It is up to you!


It is essential to go for advertising of your restaurant as it will help you to build potential customer of your restaurant. Moreover, you can also send invites to people on inauguration of your restaurant. This way, people will notice your restaurant. You can also go for online advertising, face advertising, and twitter advertising. They are also the good options. Why not try it!

Recruit Staff:-

Now, it is time to recruit a staff. You need to recruit employees who are eligible to complete their responsibilities and duties in your restaurant. They should be able to interact proficiently with the customers and have good communication skills as well. Good communication with the customers is very important. Prepare your staff and show them their duties they have to do in the restaurant.


Nowadays, majority restaurant owners have developed a feedback option for their restaurant. In the feedback, customers writer their experience with the food of your restaurant and give it rating as well. Moreover, they also write what changes they would like to see in the food or restaurant services. This way you can know the choice of customer and any changes needed to be done in your services.

This is the way how to start restaurant business in India. Do you have any queries regarding this? If yes, then please leave a comment below in the comment box. Start your business today!

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