33 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Are you searching for Small Business Ideas? Nowadays, there are various options available to open a small business. There are numerous ideas that will help you to make a successful business with low investment or zero investment. If you are looking for that then we have a list of some best ideas that will really help you out. Have a look.

33 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Freelancing – If you are good at anything like painting, writing, programming, art & crafts or any other hobby then you can do it at home and earn good money by freelancing. Which need almost no investment, just a Laptop with internet connection is enough to start freelancing.

2. Education – Education is crucial today and tuition classes will never stop. If you are good at teaching then it is best idea to start a tuition class. You can start home tuition (gathering neighbor kids for tuition is good idea).

3. Jewellery Making – If you love jewellery and passionate to make jewellery designs then you should go for it. It takes your efforts and it is the best small business you can do with less investment.

4. Ice-cream Shop – Ice-Cream lovers are everywhere! Go for it. After succeeding in 1st step, later you can create more ice cream parlor in your city and another with giving franchise.

5. Gym & Fitness Center – Everyone wants to maintain their body with regular exercise and workout. Opening a Gym is not at all a bad idea! With little amount of money and taking a simple Flat in any good area, one can earn big money in GYM Business. This business may need 5 to 10 lacs depending on the location.

6. Interior Designer – There are numerous people who want their dream house to be designed by the interior designer. If you are good in interior then do it! You can also refer to magazines and books to get more idea of interior design.

7. Insurance Consultant – Opening a small business as an insurance consultant is good proposal. There are plentiful people who take insurance policies. You can start it for free. Insurance Companies like LIC and SBI are looking for Insurance agents, you can enroll without any fees and earn up to 5-7% commission on each policy.

8. Catering – In the season of marriage and parties, catering service is always in demand. You can earn good money with catering business. You can start with small birthday parties, Tie up with small cooks and you can advertise in news paper to get initial orders of Catering.

9. Real Estate Consultant – The real estate business is growing rapidly nowadays. You can open a real estate agency and give good options to buyers and sellers. you can earn good money by referring people who interested to buy new property by consulting or being agent.

10. Yoga Center – You may find lots of people who are health conscious. Well, starting a yoga center is nice option.After starting International Yoga Day, there is much awareness about Yoga in people of india. You can start yoga center at your home (home terrace) or can rent any other good place to start Yoga Center. Yoga is looking to be a good market, in last 2 years Yoga Became A $27 Billion Industry in America only.

11. Photographer – This is another good idea of small business, If your hobby is to take innovative pictures, then you can work as a photographer. You can even work as Part time wedding Photographer. All you need is some photography skills and good DLSR camera (which may cost you around 30-40 thousand).

12. Travel Agency – People often travel to different destinations. Travel is a business which is never going to stop. Start a travel agency! You can even get Franchise shop of Make My Trip (leading Travel site) and start your travel business.

13. Advertisement Agency – Nowadays, advertising of every business is must. You can get great success with advertisement agency.

14. Fast Food Shop – All age group, especially youngsters love to eat fast food. There are many people who eat fast food everyday. It will be a great start for your future.

15. Recruitment Firm – There are several people who are looking for job. Start a recruitment firm and notify them about latest recruitment’s. You can earn good money by referring person to company for job.

16. Game Parlor – Children love to play games. Opening a game parlor will be a fantastic idea as a small business. You will need initial investment on computers (or other game device) and small shop where you can setup your gaming zone.

17. Courier Agency – There are lots of people who send courier everyday. It is a best small business option with good income and low investment.

18. Resume Writer – Fresher needs a good resume to be presented at a professional interview. There is very high demand of perfect resume writer in india and even in abroad.

19. Security Agency – Today everyone wants security for their houses and offices. It is a good alternative. Get some good young people who looking to join security agency, and you can start security agency’s small business.

20. Event Organizing – If you are good at organizing events then go for the event organizing business. For starting, you can start with organizing small birthday parties, DJ parties (on weekends or new year party) and then go for Big Marriages.

21. Aerobics Center :- Now a days people are more health conscious and because of that you can start aerobics center where you can provide physical dance exercises to people (you can take 30-60 mins of batch). There are many CDs available for Aerobics, where you can learn it and start your business.

22. Xerox and Recharge Shop :- you can take Shop on rent and get Xerox machine along with recharge coupons for prepaid mobiles. The Cellular companies gives decent amount of commission on recharge. You can make good amount of money by this business idea.

23. Computer Repairing Shop :- You can earn good money by starting computer/laptop repairing shop. Also, you can start charging small companies by taking Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).You can scratch this small business idea to big one.

24. Online Store :- if you have something you can sell exclusively on Online, you can start your own store with building small website or even you can sell your things on Amazon or Flipkart too.

25. Book Store :- you can start selling (or even Rent Books) Books (new and old one) on your small store. Which is one of best Small business idea, since there are lots of people who loves to read books.

26. Catering Service :- you can start taking orders for marriage and party orders for catering. Providing good food and low rate can click your business.

27. Packers & Movers :- Its a good opportunity, people always look for cheap packers and movers who can move their things from one place to another.

28. Take Franchise of any successful product, chain or organization like Dominoz Pizzz, McDonalds etc. They may charge you high but you can earn more than expected with franchise business.

29. Acupuncture Center :- You can start Acupuncture center where you can cure people with Acupuncture and improve their health and fitness.

30. Research/Survey Company :- You can start survey company and help big organizations with research and collecting data. I.e Most of the big brands company do research/survey before launching any product.

31. Angel Investors :- This is not something business thing but its a investment thing. You can invest in some already exist small business and start earning. There are few business owners who look for partner or little money to expand their business to earn more, join them!

32. Buy an already existing business :- If you have some more money than you can buy an already existing/running business. In that you don’t need to start from scratch, you can start earning as soon as possible. Return of investment is also expected good. you can get existing team, employee, inventory and machinery. Failure rate is lower.

33. Kids Store :- This is also new in trend. You can start your own kids store or you can take franchise of big kids store brands like first cry dot come or similar. The Kids market is very attractive, highly profitable, and offers good margin. You can sell toys, clothes, accessories, toiletries etc.
These are the best small business ideas with low investment. You can earn good amount of money with these small businesses. We will keep updating new business ides here. What are you waiting for? Plan to open a small business from these ideas today!
In case, if you need funding or small amount of loan to start business, you can head to Mudra Bank. Mudra Bank is Government of India initiative where small entrepreneurs can get upto Rs.10Lac of Loan to start small business.If you are in Full time job, then you can also go for Passive Income where you have to just invest money and earn it (no need to spend time behind it) and can make extra income. Check here Top 10 Passive Income Ideas

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