How to Apply for Learning License Online – Step By Step Guide –

Looking for complete guidelines to apply for a learning license? I am here to help! Now, you can apply for your learning license online. Isn’t it amazing? You don’t have to stand in a queue for long time and wait. Just follow the simple steps given here in this article and get your learning license effortlessly.

Step by step procedure to Apply for Learning License Online –

Step 1:
⦁ First of all you need to register yourself on the official website. Click on (Please note that this link does not support Mozilla, Safari, or Chrome. It is requested to open this link in Internet Explorer Only)

⦁ If you find any error in above link then go to and you will be redirected to the main page. Then select “Issue a learning license to me”. (Please open the link in Internet Explorer Only)

⦁ Note: When you open the website you might come across security certificate warning. Press “Continue to this website” and go further.

Step 2:

⦁ Now, fill up the application form only when the application number is created. Moreover, the boxes with RED “*” are mandatory fields and you must have to fill it up.

Step 3:

⦁ When you fill up the application form with mandatory details press the “Submit” button to proceed.
⦁ You will get a message written “Your application is saved successfully”.
⦁ Don’t forget to note down your application number before submitting form as it will be helpful for future reference.

Step 4:

⦁ Now, you need to fix an appointment for learning license test. Choose “Appointment for LL test” under the “Online transaction with sarathi” section.

Step 5:

– After that you will see “LL slot Booking” in navigation bar. Select “LL test for online applicants”. Enter application form number and birth-date to login to fix the test timings.

Step 6:

⦁  Select the date and time of your convenience and be present with the following proofs. Also bring printout of your appointment letter.

Any one from the following Residential proofs:

⦁ Light Bill
Election Card
Life Insurance Policy

Any one form the following age related proofs:

School Leaving Certificate
Birth Certificate

Bring original copies of your proofs with the photocopies (Xerox). Original copies will be returned to every one.

Step 7:

You will have to pay 385 Rs which includes your learning license and permanent license for two wheeler with gear as well as four wheeler (non transport).

Now, you know how to apply for the learning license online. Here are some frequently asked questions by the readers regarding learning license. Get your answers from the questions given below.

1. What is the eligibility to get learning license?

To get a learning license, you need to be trained to drive a motor-car or two-wheeler with an instructor who holds a valid driving license.

2. What are the documents required to get learning license?

To get the learning license, applicants will have to submit the three recent photographs, address proof, age proof, and medical certificate.

3. What is the fees payable to get learning license?

An applicant will have to pay Rs 30/- for each of category/vehicle, Rs 60/- for two categories, and Rs 90/- for three categories.

4. What is online test for learning license?

An applicant will have to be qualified in the online computer test to get the learning license. There will be 10 questions randomly picked from the question bank. Moreover, each question must be answered in one minute.

5. What is the syllabus for online computer test?

There will be traffic signs and signals and rules of the road regulations made under the Section – 118 of Central Motor Vehicle Act.

6. What is the validity for learner’s license?

A learner’s license is valid all over India for duration of 180 days only till the applicant gets permanent license.

7. What is the applicant is not computer literate for the test?

If the applicant is not computer literate then there is an option of Audio and Video test facility.

8. What type of questions will be asked in the test?

There will be multiple choice objective type questions in the online test.

9. What types of learning licenses are issued?

An applicant can apply for non-transport (Private) vehicle and for transport (commercial) vehicle.

10. What documents are valid as age proof for learning license?

You can attach school certificate, birth certificate, PAN card, and a certificate granted by a registered medical practitioner not below the rank of civil surgeon.

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