LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy Table 832 Review – Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India has launched new plan recently. The new plan is named as “LIC Jeevan Tarun Plan”. This plan has some great features and benefits for children. Want to know more about the policy? Here I have mentioned thorough and official details of the policy.

LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy Table 832 Review

LIC Jeevan Tarun Plan Table 832 is a children money back plan intended to fulfill various financial requirements of children such as education and marriage. This policy is non-linked with revenue money back plan. Except this, LIC has launched another one plan for children in this year and it is named as “LIC Children Money Back Plan”.

Salient Features of LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy Table 832:

1. In LIC Jeevan Tarun Plan Table 832 the subscriber gets four options for survival benefit.

2. The payment of that advantage takes place in at the age of 20 to 24 years.

3. The maturity benefit is permitted to be payable at the age of 25 years only.

The four survival benefits options are given below in this table;

Benefits of LIC Jeevan Tarun Plan:

1. Death Benefit: Death advantage will be payable with total amount of premium paid excluding taxes if the subscriber dies before starting risk coverage. Moreover, if the subscriber dies after the risk of commencement, then the death benefit will be paid including sum assured on death, vested bonus, and final additional bonus. In addition, the sum assured on death is higher of 10 times annualized premium assured to be paid on death.

2. Survival Benefit: This benefit starts at the age of 20 years of subscriber’s age. In this benefit, the fixed percentage of sum assured will be payable every year till the maturity year.

3. Maturity Benefit: On the maturity of policy, the remaining sum assured, vested simple reversionary bonuses, and final additional bonus will be payable to the policy holder. The sum assured on maturity of policy is fixed percentage and on the basis of the option selected at early stage.


To get this policy the subscriber’s minimum age should be 90 days completed and maximum age should be 12 years (Last Birthday). Moreover, the minimum basic sum assured is Rs. 75000 and maximum is unlimited. The policy term is 25 years age at entry and premium paying term is 20 years age at entry.

About Premium:-

The details of Premium for LIC Jeevan Tarun Plan Table 832 are not yet available. It will be updates as soon as available.

Here are some frequently asked questions which will help you in making a proper decision.

Which option should I select?

You should go for LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy Table 832 option 4 as the survival and maturity option.

Should I buy the policy?

LIC Jeevan Tarun Plan Table 832 is a distinctive money back plan policy. Make your mind clear for what reason you are going to purchase this policy.

Do you want to get the policy for risk cover?

Well the answer will be NO. As we all know, children are not the earning member of the family so the problem of risk coverage does not take place. You should go for term plan with appropriate amount on their name.

Do you want to purchase the policy for educational requirements?

Well, it depends on you. If we look at the increasing rates of education then you must need an investment to fulfill the educational needs.

Think properly and then go for LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy Table 832. There are great benefits of it as well. Keep checking us for more LIC Plan Reviews and Government Schemes information, like Atal pension Yojana.

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