9 Investment Plan to get Higher Return

Do you know which Investment Plan will give you highest return? In most of the cases, we make a mistake for investing money at proper place. Well, to avoid this I have searched for the 8 best investment plans that will give you highest return. Want to know more about the plans? Let’s have a look at the information given below.

9 Investment Plan to get Higher Return

Best investment plans to invest:

1. Mutual Funds: The best place to invest your money. Well, you can invest your money in Mutual Funds with the help of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) to conquer the market instability. However, it is very safe to invest in mutual funds. Moreover, you get maximum returns on your investment in mutual funds. In addition, qualified professionals manage your money and they offer you the best suitable mutual fund plan as well.

2. Secured Non Convertible Debentures (NCD): Majority people have an opinion and fear as well for not investing money in company’s FD’s and NCD’s. They think that they may loose money. However, it’s not the case! It is protected to invest in Secured Non Convertible Debentures. There is a less risk if we compare to other NCD investment alternatives.

3. Stock Market: Everyone knows about stock market right? Well, there is a risk to invest in stock market. However, you can still invest in it! Do you know how and why? I will tell you. You can invest in the stocks that have low beta value. Before you ask a question I tell will tell you that beta value of the stock specifies the instability of stock compared to the Sensex. For example, your company has a beta value of 0.57 then it means for every 1% variation in Sensex, your company will vary with 0.57%.

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4. Tax Saving Alternatives: There are great alternatives available to invest your money such as PPF, NSC, 5 year tax saving FD schemes, and ELSS Mutual Funds. You can save your money from tax under 80C act in these schemes. These are the best investment plan for getting higher return of your investment. The Public Provident Fund is better option to get good revenue on your investment. It is completely tax free and you can invest minimum 500 to maximum 150000 Rs in PPF account. You should think about this and plan to invest in anyone of these 8 investment plan to get higher return!

5. Real Estate: Real Estate! This is the best and mostly preferred option to invest money. Why? Well, if you invest today in real estate you will get good revenue after 5 to 20 years as the real price is increasing day by day. After some years, you can double or triple your investment when you sell it. What do you think now? You have options to choose from these 8 investment plan to get higher return.

6. Gold: Nowadays, the stock market is increasing day by day and gold price is declining. Well, if the stock market falls, the price of gold will increase. It is best to invest your money by purchasing gold and you can sell it when gold price is higher. In that way, you can get higher return from your investment in gold. Isn’t it great option? Think wisely and invest your money in gold!

7. IPO’s: Initial Public Offerings (IPO) is a better prospect to invest your money and get higher return. How? In the year 2013, IPO’s have resulted to give more than 65% returns on the investments. Why not invest in IPO’s?

8. Bank Fixed Deposits/Recurring Deposits: Best and safest investment option is Bank Fixed deposits and Recurring Deposits. If you invest in Fixed Deposit scheme, you will get great interest on that. Likewise, same thing will happen in the recurring deposits. So why not invest in such beneficial investment options? Look for the best Fixed Deposit plans of your bank and open an account today to invest your money!

9. Small Business :- Yes, Small business are best to invest. you can start your own or you can invest in any family relative’s business to get regular return. You can find many Small Business Ideas, you can start your business as well as get higher return.

Moreover, these are the best 8 investment plan to get higher return. What are you waiting for then? Plan to invest from above ideas and go one step ahead for investment! Don’t take wrong decisions when you are going to invest money in any investment plan. One wrong decision will lead you to higher risk of losing money.

The above 9 investment plans to get higher return are safest and proper investment plans to spend your money. It is worth to invest your money in the plans mentioned above. Make an investment today!

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