Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy in 2021

Investing in share market is always the best thing to do, its called smart investment (after mutual funds). People who just want more than 8% of fixed deposit return are always invest in share market, buy stocks, or invest in mutual funds. So, if you are new and want to get start with share market, here is list of Top 10 Best stocks to buy in 2021.

Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy in 2021

The new year is about to start, so its better to do financial planning as soon as possible, earn some more money with smart investment option. These list of best stocks are collected from major Broking firms.

1.Infosys :- Broking firms are expecting infosys’s share will go up by 27% in next one year. In last year, infosys has given 20% of return in 2014-15. In 2015-16 will go up as the company is looking to do some good business under CEO Vishal Sikka who has launched new policy of Zero Bench, Zero Distance.

2. State Bank of India (SBI) :- Though SBI didn’t grow much in last one year, but has good potential to grow at 47% in next one year. Even, SBI has showed good signs of stabilization in assets price. The target price of SBI Share is Rs.350 in next one year while the CMP is Rs.238 per share.

3. HCL Tech :- The technology company who do business abroad mostly are looking to achieve good profit despite the dollar and rupee price fight.HCL’s CMP is Rs.880 per share still they are looking to achieve at Rs.1132 of target by end of 2016. HCL has given 16% of return in last one year.

4. Axis Bank :- Axis bank is getting good business in india. They are all set to expand branches in india to strengthen the branch network.Axis Bank’s CMP is Rs.473 per share and has target to achieve Rs.630 by end of 2016 from Rs.424 in 2013.

5. Ashok Leyland :- India’s 2nd highest heavy commercial vehicles company, who shares 28% market shares has given 107% of return in last one year. In next year they have target to achieve 20% of growth. The CMP is Rs.Rs.92.15 and target is Rs.111 by end of 2016.

6. Tata Motors :-  Tata motors listed in major looser of 2014-15 as they declined almost 21% in last one year. But looking at the past records, 20% of decline is always “Buy” call. Tata motors to expect recovery by 4th quarter in 2016. The CMP of Tata motor is Rs.405.06 and target price is Rs.518.

7. J K Laxmi Cement :- JK Laxmi cement is 5th largest cement comapny in north india which has 7% of market shares.Though, J K laxmi cement didn’t show good growth in last one year but still brokers are confident enough that JK laxmi cement will give nearly 23% of return in next year with target price of Rs.450.

8. Larsen & Toubro :- L&T who is also major looser in 2015 with 12% of price decline has “buy” call. This large cap share is good to hold for long time,expected to give 20% return in next one year with target price of Rs.1646.

9. Amara Raja Batteries :- Amara Raja is a high quality stock to play the auto sector revival. One the best automotive comapny who’s looking to expand in next one year will have good return (~17%) with target price of Rs.1040.

10. HDFC Bank :- One of the biggest and major share in banking sector and biggest private bank in india, HDFC bank who given 21% of growth in last one year has good target price of Rs.1200, eyeing on 11% growth in next one year.

These are the Top 10 Best stocks to buy in 2021, if you want to study more about stocks, keep following us for more updates and share market tips

Update (24th August, 2016) :-Recent trend says that Share market (BSE/NSE) may show good growth before diwali 2016. if you are thinking to start treading you can start now and get benefit of market which is about to get boost. The reason given by the market pandits is GST Bill clearance. Since GST finance bill has been cleared from parliment and almost all states, and good rain in india this year will boost the GDP. Even international ratings has pointed this out. 

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