Friday, July 22, 2016

Buy Gold Coin Online – Signs to Check Purity of Gold

Looking for Investing in Gold via Gold Coin? Gold is one of the best and evergreen investment options in india. Because of high rate and high demand, Gold rates in india never came down, and the reason many people still prefer Gold as best option. But investing in Gold coin is much better than gold jewellery. With great returns comes with great risk. It is also necessary to buy pure gold with gold coins, here is we are listing options to buy gold coins and signs to check purity of gold.

How to Buy Gold Coins Online?

Buy Gold Coins Online
To buy gold coins online, unlike earlier, now it is easy process. All you need is you pan card while buying the gold coins. Here we are providing you powerful source where you can find the best gold coin at reasonable rates.

Buy Gold Coins from SBI India

State bank of india has special dedicated page where you buy new gold coins at reasonable rate. Gold coins are available in 2 Gram, 4 Gram, 5 Gram, 8 Gram, 10 Gram, 20 grams and 50 gram price. On this portal, you get the latest price of gold coins. You need to book gold coin online and need to collect it from SBI Branch.
  • Just visit the official website of SBI portal and head to gold coin rates
  • Or just follow this website link where you can find the gold coin rates
  • On the 2nd tab, you can get last 7 days gold coin rates too
Please note that these rates are Excluding VAT, Any other local taxes as applicable.

Other ways to buy Gold Online

Big eCommerce websites like, or snapdeal also selling gold coins online. You can check the gold coin rates on the respected websites. Other than these portals, you can also buy gold coins from the big jewellery websites like TBZ or any other.

Local Retail or wholesale Market

If you don’t get satisfied product from above 2 options, you can buy gold coins from the local market in retail or wholesale, where you can get the gold at reasonable price and low cost. But the only issue with local market is purity of gold. So, to check the purity of gold, you need to check the below mentioned signs to check purity of gold, before buying the gold coins or gold from local market.

How to Check the Purity of Gold?

“All that glitters may not be gold, make sure it’s pure gold.” This is tagline from Jago Grahak Jago to spread awareness for purity of gold. Below are important signs which you can check before buying gold offline market;

- Check for Hallmarks: - Like we have ISI hallmark on the big products which need to be passed from quality test, Gold Jewellery or gold coins need to pass the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) . Please note that these hall marks are not hallmarked by Jewellers himself. BIS is independent body that check purity of gold before you buy it.

- Grades of Purity gold :- 23 carat, 22 carat are purity mark for jewellery, do check the detail list of purity grade

  • 958 -  23 carat
  • 916 – 22 carat
  • 875 – 21 carat
  • 750 – 18 carat
  • 708 – 17 carat
  • 585 – 14 carat
  • 375 – 9 carat
- Year of Making: - You can also check for making year of gold where you can show something like A for 2000, N for 2011 year wise.

- Jeweler Identification Mark
: - Many big brand jewelers like TBZ have their own mark, which they put it on each jewellery. Do check for it.

If you want register complaint against any jewelers for selling fake hallmarked jewelries, you visit this page and find the city wise hallmark complaint authority with which you can raise your complaint.

These are the safety check marks of checking purity of gold and how to buy Gold Coins online. If you don’t find any of these and still want to invest in Gold, go for Gold ETF option, its safe and best.


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