Thursday, April 21, 2016

FASTag E-TOLL is Live Now - Benefits and How to Use FASTag for eToll

The Dream Comes True. FASTag eToll is now live at 275 toll plazas of National highways of india. People who are crossing any toll plazas are must be aware of this fact that how much time they waste on long queue of Toll plaza every day. So, to give solution to this big problem, Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping has announced implementing E-Toll on 275 toll plazas of national highways.

FASTag E-TOLL is Live Now - Benefits and How to Use FASTag for eToll

FASTag E-TOLL is Live Now
One the first phase, 275 out of 350 toll plaza of india go live with E-Toll facility on 25th April, 2016. Car owners who used to pass any toll plaza will get benefit of this facility. Below is detail explanation of FASTag, how to use E-Toll, how it works, benefit of e-Toll and from where to buy FASTag.

What is FASTag?

FASTag is kind of sticker which will be put on car or vehicle’s windscreen which uses Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Using RFID technology, sensors of toll plaza will identify your vehicle and deduct the amount automatically from your account. You can buy FASTag for your vehicle from ICICI Bank and AXIS Bank only (As of now, more bank will be brought under it soon).

So, now toll plaza which supports FASTag will have different lane where they can drive without stop and you will be charged on the basis of your trip.  

How to buy FASTag?

You can buy FASTag for e-toll facility from the toll plaza which supports it or you can buy it online from ICICI Bank portal or Axis bank portal (for both portal, you need to have account with both banks). You will be charged Rs.200 for basic fastag tag charge and you can recharge it with Rs.100 of multiple (up to Rs.1lac).

Charges for FASTag for each vehicle

Below is list of Charges applicable on FASTag for each vehicle type. Check out and buy your FASTag vehicle tag;

Note :- For recharge and buying online, you will be charged with NEFT/RTGS charges which ever applicable.

What kind of Documents needed to buy FASTag?

You can produce Driving License/ PAN Card/ Passport/ Voter ID Card/ Aadhar Card as your ID Proof and buy FASTag. For corporate vehicles, Public Ltd./ Private Ltd./ Partnership registration form/PAN Card of the corporate/ Photo ID is needed.

Can we Buy monthly Passes via FASTag? 

Yes, you can. For that please call @ 1860-267-0104. Which is toll free number helpline of FASTag? You can sms ITOLL(Space)Pincode(Space)Name to 5676766 to know about monthly passes and your nearest FASTag toll plaza.

Instructions for How to use FASTag

First you need to buy FASTag, and put it on your windscreen of car or vehicle. You will see “FASTag Lanes “on selected toll plaza where FASTag. At FASTag Toll plaza, drivers need to drive at 25-70 km/hr speed, at this speed RFID tag will scan your car’s FASTag from long distance and will signal green and you can move your vehicle without stopping.

Benefits of using FASTag (E-Toll)

  • SAVE Time and Fuel
  • FASTag will allow you to move toll plaza smoothly and it will save your fuel, time and money too.
  • You will receive SMS on each transaction which will inform you about amount deducted and amount left on your account.
  • You can do online recharge of your FASTag using Credit cards, debit cards, NEFT, RTGS or net banking. Also you can recharge via web portals of FASTag.
  • Cash less smooth transactions.
  • SAVE Money: - you can save money as government is giving 10% cash back on promotion of FASTag.
  • It will save Rs.60,000cr of central government.
So, are you exited to use FASTag? Wish more and more people start using FASTag e-Toll and reduce traffic burden at toll plazas.


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