Reward Point and Redemption Options wise Best Credit Card

Do you want Best Credit Card that provide better Reward points and Credit Card Points Redemption Options? Here is comparison of all credit card on the basis of Reward Point and point redemption option. There are lots of Credit cards available from each bank, we already presented the best credit card (in terms of joining fee and annual fee), now we are presenting you the best credit card in terms of Reward Point.

Reward Point and Redemption Options wise Best Credit Card

1. Citi Bank :-Yes, Citi bank’s Citibank Rewards Card is one of the best if you want credit card which provides best redemption options. Citibank Rewards Card will give you 1 point for spending Rs.125/- (each time). You will get bonus points if you subscribe to e-statement, birthday or joining program. You can redeem your points at Air miles, holidays, at premium merchandise or even cash back it. You can also get Fuel Redemption points (if you fill fuel at indian oil outlets).

2. Axis Bank :- Axis Bank’s Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card is also good credit card with Reward points and Credit Card Points Redemption Options. you can earn 10 eDGE loyalty reward points on spending Rs.200.

You can redeem your points at Axis Bank Merchandise online. Also, you will get Fuel surcharge refund and 25% cash back on every movie ticket booking.

3. ICICI Bank :- ICICI Bank’s ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card will give you 4 points for spending Rs. 100/-. and 2 PAYBACK points on spending Rs.100 which you can redeem at Payback website or even cash redemption also available. Get up to 2 free movie tickets.

4. HDFC Bank :- HDFC Bank credit cards provides 2 reward points on spending of Rs.150 each. Which you can redeem at HDFC Bank Reward Merchandize. Though, there is not so much stuff available to buy. Mostly, home grocery and hard disks are there at Reward Merchandize.

5. SBI :- SBI Gold Credit Card provides you 1 Cash point on spending Rs.100/-. which can be redeemed at Gift Vouchers, Electrical Appliances, Accessories, Lifestyle products.

These are top 5 Reward Point and Redemption Options wise Best Credit Card. If you have any query or questions, please do comment below.

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