Top 5 Post Office Investment Plan –

Do you know there are investment plan in post office India as well? Check out Top 5 Best Investment Plans from Post office India. Majority people don’t know about it. Are you one of them? Well, not anymore! we got the list of best investment plan from post office. Have a look at it once.

Top 5 Investment Plan From Post Office India

Normally, people invest in mutual fund and share market. However, this one is the best option to invest your money. Here are the best investment plans from post office.

1. Basic Saving Account – In this plan, the subscriber gets 4% interest on their savings. You can open the saving account in post office with 20 Rs only. This is affordable for everyone and is beneficial as well with great rate of interest. Why not open an account today and get the advantages of this best investment plan from post office?

2. Monthly Income SchemeThis scheme is best for the subscribers with an interest rate of 8.40%. You get the interest on monthly basis. The interest is added to your account directly every month. The term of this plan is for six years. To get this plan you must have minimum balance of Rs. 1500 in your account. The maximum amount is Rs.04,50,000/-.
3. Senior Citizen Saving SchemeThis scheme is for the senior citizens of India. It 5 years plan with interest rate of 9.3%. Your age should be 60 years completed. This saving scheme is tax free according to the income tax act 80 C. senior citizens must have this scheme and get the great amount from interest.
4. National Saving CertificateThis scheme is similar to fixed deposit scheme. The interest on this plan is totally tax free like PPF (Public Provident Fund). You get the interest every six months. In this national saving certificate scheme, there is 10 year’s NSC with 5 years lock in period with the interest rate of 8.8%.
5. Time Deposit SchemeThis scheme is for 5 years and you can open it with Rs. 200 minimum balance. The rate of interest for first 4 years is 8.4 % and in the last year you get 8.5% interest. Moreover, you get interest on yearly basis. The interest is completely tax free.
Apart from these investment schemes, you can also invest in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana via Post office india.
Avail the best investment plans from post office and invest your money at right place! Keep visiting us for more updates on finance and money related to India.