BJP Sadasyata Abhiyaan – BJP Membership Drive Online

Do you want to join Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)? Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates today BJP’s Online Free Membership Drive in which you can join BJP for free by just giving a missed call. Below is the details to become free member of BJP and join the biggest saga of India’s revolution.

BJP Sadasyata Abhiyaan – BJP Membership Drive Online

BJP Membership Drive Online

Update (29th March, 2015) :- BJP Become No.1 Political Party (all over World). Republic of China had 8 crore members, while BJP just crossed 9 crore members in india, today. (For every 10 people in India, there is 1 BJP member).

Update :- BJP Membership Drive Cross 8 Crore+ Members as on 23rd March, 2015. Call on 1800-266-2020 to Join BJP now.

After Wining 16th Loksabha Election with tremendous victory, BJP is now in mood to use this public favor again and again by joining more people in BJP. Yes, BJP is now on mission to join 10cr + BJP membership.

How to Join BJP online free?

1st you have to dial a number from your phone, 1800-266-2020 and give a missed call (the phone will itself disconnected from other side).

2nd you will receive a message instantly, asking for your name and address, Just reply to that number with your name and address, you are done. 🙂

3rd, you can join online by registering your self at Just login to above url and fill the form, that’s it.

According to the BJP’s constitution, the party renews the membership every two years. PM Narendra Modi launched the party’s new membership drive with an aim to increase its strength by four times then the present one.

A toll-free number has been also be launched and people would be asked to give a missed call on it. After that they will get their membership number and other details through SMS.

This membership drive will start from 1st November, 2014 and will continue till 31st March, 2015.

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