Best Investment Plan to Get Regular Monthly Income

Everyone wants regular monthly income plans which can short out their monthly spending. So here we are with the best investment plans which can gives you regular monthly income just like salary.

Best Investment Plan to Get Regular Monthly Income

By investing in these plans, you can get regular monthly income, every month some amount will be deposited in your account so you can get good returns. Mostly, Small business owner mostly face this situation when they have money and want to get good return that too monthly.

So, here is list of most Good and Best investment plans which gives regular monthly income;

1. Post Office MIS

The most famous and quite popular investment plans form Post office India. Post office MIS (Monthly Income Scheme) gives you attractive 9% annual returns and 5% extra bonus at the end of maturity. As mentioned above, you get 9% of interest on invested amount. One can maximum invest Rs.4.5 lac on his/her name (9 lac for joint account). For example, if you invest 3 lac in Post office MIS scheme for 5 years, you will get Rs.2000 monthly and Rs.15000 extra (as mentioned 5% extra bonce). The income earned is not tax free at all.

Good scheme right? as mentioned this is one of the best scheme for small business owner.

2. Invest in Mutual Funds get Dividend

Nowadays, investing in mutual funds is quite popular. One of the biggest reason is the flexibility of investing, yes now you can invest in mutual funds via buying regular plan, direct plan, Mutual Fund SIP (systematic investment plan), SWP (systematic withdrawal plan), mutual fund MIP (monthly investment plan) which is similar to SIP only. SIP is a method and MIP is a product.

So, in short in whichever way you invest in mutual fund, you will earn  dividend on invested money. So you can choose best mutual fund scheme which gives you good return on invested money, and enjoy monthly dividend.

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3. Invest in share market

You can directly invest in share market by buying best stocks and enjoy dividend too on no of share you bought. Though its bit risky for investors (not safe as much as mutual fund)  but if you want to go for aggressive investment, share market is for you.
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4. Buy Govt Bond

There are many Tax Free Bonds schemes are being lunched by govt of india. you can buy these bonds and earn fixed income on bonds. Mostly they pay you half yearly, but if you have extra income than its very good.
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5. Kisan Vikas Patra

This is another govt bond which you can buy in CASH and get good return. you can get your amount Invested doubles in 100 months (8 years & 4 months) 8.7 per cent annually.KVP certificates are available in the denominations of Rs 1000, Rs 5000, Rs 10000 and Rs 50000.KVP was one of the most popular way to convert black money in to white.

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6. Fixed Deposit 

The final,  most popular and widely used investment scheme by people of India is Fixed deposit. you can FD your money in bank and enjoy up to 8-9% of interest which can be annually added. The interest rate is vary from bank to bank, so do check the interest rate on fixed deposit of all bank and than invest.

These are the known Best Investment Plan to Get Regular Monthly Income which are available right now. For more investment ideas, you can keep visiting India Shine.

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