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[How To] Recover your ICICI Direct Login ID Password

By - Guide to recover your ICICI Direct Login ID Password. If you are ICICI Bank customer and using net banking via their net banking portal, you must have feel that recovery of forgot password is quite tough in ICICI Bank. Especially for the new customers who join ICICI bank are always had complained about the how to get ICICI Direct Login ID Password. Here is complete guide to check out how to get lost password and set password for ICICI Direct Login.

[How To] Recover your ICICI Direct Login ID Password

Recovery of old password or generating new password in ICICI is not easy, if you are new and using it for the first time, you defiantly need this guide. Before we proceed to the recovery of new password things you needed while recovering new password is your PAN Card, Date birth, User ID, Email id and registered mobile number. Without these things, you cannot generate new password. So, to get the new password, just follow this guide and you will get your password.

Step 1:- Visit the official website of ICICI net banking, which is or just click on this link to follow it. 

Step 2 :- Visit the “customer service page” in ICICIDirectLogin page, And click on “Password Re-generation” link.

customer service page

Step 3: - At this link of ICICI Direct page, website will ask you to fill your User ID or Form No (you can enter whichever you have), Your Bank account number (for which you are regenerating password), Date of birth and your PAN card Number. 

Step 4: - After filling this much details, click on the 3 of 1 option, you will get 3 option, to unlock your account, issue new password and online password. Choose the one for which you are regenerating password.

Step 5:- After filling this form and selecting the option, ICICI Bank will send you a Unique reference number on your email id (The PDF will ask you to enter password, enter your USER ID as your password).

Step 6 :- After you enter the reference number on ICICI Direct portal, you will be again getting a URN (Unique reference number) on your mail and mobile number. Using this (2nd time unique number), you will be able to generate new password. Remember, your URN number and Grid number should match, then only you will be able to generate new password.

Step 7:- After finishing this step, you will get the new password on your mail id as well as on your mobile phone too.

Step 8 :- You can again visit homepage of and enter your login id and password (along with your date of birth or pan number) to use ICICI net banking online.

Login page of ICICIDirect

This is the easiest way to generate new password for your ICICIDirect Login. IF you have any query or question you can contact ICIC at or you can call icici bank toll free number too.

Strong Password Making Tips

- Do not share your password with anyone. In the world of online and digital stuff, now thieves are also smart, uses online way of fraud.

- Always remember your password, don’t write your password with anyone. Many people has habit to write password in phonebook or at passbook, don’t do that.

- Always make strong password, use number and signs combination. Don’t use your birth date, mobile number, vehicle number, passport number as your password.

- Always check your banking transaction SMS, if you find any unauthorized activity, contact ICIC Bank toll free number immediately.

These are the steps and guide to recover your ICICI Direct Login id and password and with some strong password tips. If you have any question or query, feel free to comment below. Thank you.


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