Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top 10 Loan Defaulters in India

After Vijay Malya's Case, each and every PSU banks are looking for "Wilful Loan Defaulters" who took loan from banks and not returned. Even Honorable Supreme Court has took notice on this and demanded list of all "wilful defaulters" from PSU Banks.

Top 10 Loan Defaulters in India

Loan Defaulters in India
Not Just 10, but we have 5,275 loan defaulters in india who owe our Rs.56,521 cores of money via bank loan. As per CIBIL, these are the official numbers given to supreme court. But till the Liquor baron Vijay Mallya's case wasn't opened, no one from government and from Bank cared for loan defaulters, but now people and SC looking for Loan Defaulters.

Here is the list of Top 10 Loan Defaulters of India
Director Bank Outstanding (rs.)
Winsome diamonds & jewellery and associate forever precious jewellery & diamonds Jatin mehta PNB,SBI, etc 3263cr.
Zoom developers pvt ltd Vijay choudhary PNB,SBI, etc 1647cr
Kingfisher airlines pvt ltd Vijay malya SBI 1201cr
BETA naphthol deepak bajwa Kotak mahindra bank 951cr
Raza textiles ltd V k srivastav Kotak mahindra bank 694cr
Rank industries ltd D v ramesh Kotak mahindra bank 551cr
XL energy ltd Ritu lal kumar, vkas navyar SBI 413cr
Deccan Chronicle holdings ltd. T venkattram reddy Axis bank ltd 409cr
Electrotherm ltd Mukesh bhandari CBI 385cr
Zylog system ltd Sudarshan Venkatraman UBI 361cr
Note :- Above List is are the single-biggest loan and not the collective sum owed. 

As you can see SBI looks the most own loan defaulters. Yes as per official data, SBI accounts for 32% of loan defaulters. There are other loan defaulters too, you can check out the list below,which have CIBIL's list of wilful defaulters;

List of Loan Defaulters list as per CIBIL

The total amount which we owe to defaulters is Rs 56,521 crore which is 1.5 times the allocation to agriculture / farmer/rural welfare budget allocated in union budget 2016-17. State wise Loan Defaulters List if you go to state wise that Maharashtra state owe's the most loan defaulters (Rs.21,647), on 2nd spot we have delhi with Rs.72299 loan defaulters, check out the full list below;

State Wise Loan Defaulters List

So, total we have 4738 loan defaulters in india to top 19 nationalized banks who have Rs.26,600cr as loan default while SBI and associate bank alone has 1546 defaulters with Rs.47,350cr. So public banks have more defaulters than private banks.



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