Tuesday, March 29, 2016

112 - India's Single National Emergency Number

Government of india is all set to lunch Single National Emergency Number. If you know that like United states of America has single emergency number (911) and 999 in United Kingdom, India also going to get 112 The National Emergency Number of India. Currently, we have multiple emergency number, state wise different emergency numbers, for example you need to dial 100 to call police, 102 for fire brigade and 103 or 108 to call ambulance.

112 - India's Single National Emergency Number

Single National Emergency Number
Now all the above mentioned numbers will be scrapped out. Yes, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is about to announce the emergency number soon. Currently, 112 is being redirected to 100 (police department). Once the back end work is done, you will get emergency help by dialing single number, 112.

A centralized call center will be set up in each state with synchronized to local police, hospitals, fire brigade and all other emergency department. After it lunch, you can call 112 for any kind of help, no need to remember any other number, just keep in mind Single National Emergency Number.

Why 112? Not any other number?

Well, 112 have many related stories with it. 112 right now is most used emergency number or you can say it is global emergency number, used in almost 80 countries all over the world as emergency number. Even in USA, if you call 112 it redirect your call to 911.

Another thing related with 112 is old Trivia. In old times when there was landline phone with round shape numbers, 112 was the easiest number to dial. Also, women in India and kids feels fear to call 100 as most of people are not have dealt with police in life and don’t want to make it.

Also, The number 112 is already used as the common emergency number in all member states of the European Union as well as several other countries of Europe and the world.

And small children (and even in unlock condition) end up calling 111 or 222 (or similar string numbers), so TRAI has avoided such numbers and finalized 112 as National Emergency Number of India.

Currently active emergency number which will be Flash out

As of now, we have below mentioned emergency numbers which are going to die soon;
  • 100 (police)
  • 102 (Fire brigade)
  • 103 (Ambulance)
  • 108 (Ambulance & Emergency Disaster Management)
  • 181 - Woman in distress (Delhi)
  • 1094 - Missing Children and Women (Delhi)
  • 1096 - Crime against Women (Delhi)
  • 1090 - Police Headquarter helpline (Uttar Pradesh)
All the above numbers will be not flash out in one go, after implementation of 112 emergency numbers, after one year of operation, each of above numbers will be flash out one by one. People will be able to access 112 emergency numbers from mobile phone, landline, and mobile app and even though by SMS.

Enjoy India; you are going to get Single National Emergency Number soon!


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