Tuesday, September 8, 2015

10 Types of Cyber Crime

Nowadays, with a constant development of the cyber world opens great prospects for the people who commit crime and that is known as cyber crimes. Well, there are two types of cyber crimes and they can be categorized whether they are harmful or harmless. However, here are types of cyber crimes that all of us require being aware of.

-:10 Types of Cyber Crime:-

10 Types of Cyber Crime

There are several types of cyber crime and they all are explained below.

1. Hacking – It is the most common cyber crime in which victim’s personal and sensitive data is accessed through unauthorized access. This is different from the ethical hacking which is used by many organizations to check ensure their internet security protection. In this hacking, the offender uses several softwares to get access of victim’s computer and the victim may not be aware of that.

2. Cyber Stalking – In this crime, online harassment is done to the victim who is subjected to a barrage of online messages, and E-mails. Generally, these stalkers know their victims and instead of choosing offline stalking, they utilize internet to stalk. However, if they observe that cyber stalking is not making any effect on the victim, they start harassing offline and make victim’s life more wretched.

3. Theft – This crime is reported when any person abuses copyrights or download music, movies, games, and software. There are several website that inspires people to do software piracy and FBI is targeting such websites and prevents people to download any illegal property.

4. Identity theft – This is the crime which is related to the people who use internet for cash transfer and banking services. In this crime, the offender accesses the data of victim’s bank account, debit/credit cards, social security, and other sensitive information to draw off money to purchase things online from victim’s name.

5. Malicious Software – This is an internet based software or programs which are used to interrupt a network. This software is utilized to get access of a system to rob sensitive information or cause damage to software of the system. 

6. Child Soliciting and Abuse – In this cyber crime, the offenders solicit minors through chat rooms for the reason of pornography. The FBI is spending a lot of time to observe the chat rooms accessed by children to reduce child soliciting and abusing.

7. Drug Trafficking – This is done by suing internet to send and receive encrypted E-mail messages so that the offenders are able to organize drug deals.

8. Cyber Terrorism – It enables terrorists to co-operate with each other via internet to plan a terrorist attack. The other form of cyber terrorism is when a hacker attacks the website of any government agency.

9. Spam – In this crime, some companies sends unwanted E-mails to advertise their products or services. Normally, companies abuse the privacy of the victim by sending emails without their permission.

10. Cyber Bullying – It is a type of harassment through internet mostly to the teenagers which sometimes results in suicide.

So, these are the common and mostly observed types of cyber crimes. How to prevent from them? Well, please ensure that you are not sharing your any personal or sensitive data in social websites. Keep your eyes open!


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