Thursday, November 19, 2015

Benefits of RuPay Pre-Paid Debit Card by IRCTC

By - IRCTC with association of United Bank of India has launched new Debit card, Rupay. With Rupay Debit card, customers can now book train tickets, do online shopping, pay light bills, pay income tax online, using rupay debit card.

Benefits of RuPay Pre-Paid Debit Card Launched by IRCTC

Benefits of RuPay Debit Card
Update :- 222 million Rupay debit cards are issued by RBI, Also Rupay debit cards are now have 20% share in debit card transactions.

Unlike Visa card and Master Card, Rupay Debit card is India’s own Debit card which is now international card. With intense to increase its user database, IRCTC now launched Rupay Debit card to give cashless travel facility to Indian railway passengers.

Benefits of Rupay Debit card - IRCTC-UBI RuPay pre-paid card

  • The Rupay Debit card is not so different debit card then Visa and Mastercard. Still there are some benefits of rupay debit card, which are listed below;
  • Card holder will get free Rs 1 lakh accident insurance coverage as part of the benefits of Rupay Debit card.
  • User will get reward points on spending and shopping via Rupay Debit card (just like Credit card).
  • Customer will get 5 Free Transactions on IRCTC Website.
  • Customer car reload the card by using NEFT, No additional charges for top-up.
  • Rupay Debit card will provide secure transaction over online purchase with additional authentication facility.
  • Rupay Card is Lower cost and having easily affordability, you can get it via any bank. 
  • Rupay Debit card allows you to transact with less service charge. You can transact via rupay debit card in any ATM at 45 paisa per transaction while Visa and Mastercard charges Rs.3 per transaction.

How to Get Rupay Debit Card?

  • Go to Nearest UBI (Union Bank of India) Bank Branch, and Request for IRCTC UBI prepaid card (Virtual or Physical Cards).
  • You need to have valid PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) Number to purchase your prepaid card.
  • One can have the card with a loading limit of Rs 10,000 with partial "Know Your Customer" (KYC) detail or Rs 50,000 loading limit with full KYC.
  • You need to open Account with rs.500/- minimum (and maximum of permissible card limit is allowed for each top-up) balance to purchase Rupay Debit card. Only One card will be given per user.
  • Click here to Apply for Rupay Debit Card online.
It is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's financial inclusive programme as one does not need to have a bank account in UBI to have the card and you can avail it online also, Indian Railways is partnering with banks and financial institutions to promote passengers' interest, said by Indian Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

So,what are you waiting for, get your rupay debit card now and start getting benefits of online purchase and save paper money.

Update :- Indian Postal Service has linked up with Rupay Debit Card. In next 60 days Indian Postal Department to deliver 5 lakh new rupay debit card, the Goal is to deploy 1.5cr Rupay debit card.

With such increase in users of Rupay Debit card, this will create good image of rupay and definitely Visa and Mastercard will soon feel the heat.


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