Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Union Budget 2015-16 in PDF Format

The union budget is going to be presented soon. There are lots questions in mind regarding the budget! What will be the union budget 2015-16? What will be positive and negative factors of it? Well, everyone is thinking on the same matter! How if we all can give our opinions and share it directly with the finance minister? Isn’t it possible? Yes! It is possible! You can do it! I will tell you how and where.

“The Union Budget 2015-16”

The Union Budget 2015-16 in PDF
The Finance minister Arun Jaitley is going to announce the Union budget this year and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reviewing the budget with finance minister.

The finance ministry has invited allusions from public of India for union budget 2015-16. It is requested to all of you that if you have any suggestion for the union budget 2015-16 then please share it and make it better. You must be thinking where to share it. I will tell you where.

How to give suggestions?

You can give your suggestion for union budget 2015-16 on the official website http://www.mygov.in. You need to sign up and open the “People as partner: Suggestions invited for budget 2015-16.”

Why suggestions are required?

The finance ministry has asked for the recommendations from public of India on union budget of the year. However, do you know for which purpose this is going to be happening? Well, you will get to know by reading the reasons mentioned below.

1. To impart more precision into budget making process, and to have “people as partner” to the procedure of budget making.

2. To make union budget making more winning and momentous, everyone is invited to give their suggestions.

Well, now you can understand why your suggestions are needed. It is a vital thing to know opinions, ideas, and thoughts of the people of India for union budget. In addition, you can see the suggestions of people on the official website http://www.mygov.in/

Moreover, the number of suggestions is increasing rapidly! You must share your opinion if any.

Go to the link mentioned above and do signup first. Then you will be able to take part in the group discussions. Share your recommendations and make it more significant. What are you waiting for then? Just do it!

How to get PDF format of Union budget 2015-16?

For those who wants Union Budget 2015-16 year can check out the link below for pdf format. The link will be updated in Hindi and English as soon as budget announced.

Jay Hind!


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